Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Breaking Barriers

by Seth Kanor

My father, the founder of Enabling Devices, often likes to say that he's never been very good at business.
Nor does he look much like a businessman.

When he began working with kids who had Cerebral Palsy this was an immediate advantage.
Think about it: your muscles sometimes move in spasms independent of your mind's intent; you might grimace when you mean to smile; you use crutches, or a wheelchair.
Sometimes you make strange noises.
Some people stare at you; some look away.
And then into your life comes this eccentric man.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Three Generations of Toy-makers

by Seth Kanor
Seth Kanor is the new Editor of Enabling Device's Blog. He is the son of Steven Kanor who founded Enabling Devices in 1978. Seth welcomes your comments, ideas and participation.

In winter of 1946, my grandfather locked the front door to his Times Square factory—this was when there was still manufacturing in Times Square—and went trudging through the snow to buy my father a toy train set for his tenth birthday. But when he finally arrived at Macy’s, and stood surrounded by Lionels and American Flyers, he noticed that something was missing. There were no bridges.