Friday, August 31, 2012

Lights, Camera, Talkables!

We love to hear feedback from our customers and we especially love when get photos of our products in action! Today we will see Yousef with his Talkable III (2401)!

Yousef is using the Talkable III (2401) to activate three adapted toys. The Talkable also includes an icon holder which gives Yousef a choice of what he wants to activate. Attached to his Talkable, Yousef has the Curious George Jack in the Box (614), Laugh and Learn Puppy (8034) and the Vibrating Light (458).

Yousef's speech therapist explains that she loves this device because it can grow with her client over time. Yousef first started with one choice then quickly mastered the device. He is now able to activate three switch adapted toys! 

Thank you so much to Yousef and his family for sharing their story!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

iPad, Tablets, Accessories and more!!!

Tablets are becoming more and more popular and the iPad has more competition than ever! Today we are going to chat with Vinny, our Tech Support Manager, about some of the latest accessories available!

Enabling Devices Blogger: Vinny, which tablet mounts would you recommend?

Vinny: We carry three mounting options for tablets; #1556 iPad Mounting System,  #5905M iPad Sound System and #1568 Tablet Holder with Mount. The difference between the two iPad mounts is that #5905M has a built in speaker in the platform. It also comes with a table-top base. Both products are very popular because they meet the needs of many users.



We also carry #1568 Tablet Holder with Mount. This mount is adjustable so it can accomodate most tablets and e-book readers including the Kindle Fire, Kindle, Nook, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, Asus Transformer and Google's Nexus 7. This is a great system for people who need special placement.


All the tablet mounting systems we carry are sturdy and reliable. I would highly recommend any of them!

One more item I want to quickly mention is #1562 Smart Phone Holder and Mounting Platform. This mount is compatible with most smart phones including the iPhone and the Droid. It can also hold the iPod Touch.


EDB: What accessory would you suggest for a person that needs the aid of a stylus?

V: We just released a brand new product, #9086 Adjustable Touch Screen Stylus. This device can be worn on any hand or arm. Not only is the length adjustable, but it can be used in many positions. One of my favorite features of this stylus is that the tips are replaceable (#9084). This product was just introduced a few weeks ago and we can hardly keep it on the shelf!


EDB: Not all individuals can use an iPad right away and some need a prerequisite to train them how to swipe and touch the screen. What would you recommend for them?

V: Definitely #716B iPad Trainer Button. One important skill that you need to use on an iPad is finger isolation, the ability to move and use one finger at a time. This switch is a great prerequisite to being able to point and touch icons on the iPad screen.


EDB: What switches for the iPad would you recommend?

V: We carry three great switch/interface options for the iPad. We have #1052 iPad Cordless Super Switch, which is a Bluetooth interface integrated with a Jumbo Switch. It also has inputs for up to two external switches. The user can use the built-in button or any other external switch. Most applications use single switch access, however there are some out there that require more.

Another interface we carry is #4101 iPad Cordless Switch Interface. The difference between #4101 and #1052 is that #1052 comes with a built-in switch and #4101 requires an external switch to be inputed. You can add up to two switches. This item would be good for someone who needs a specialized switch, such as; the Sip and Puff Switch, Eye Blink Switch, Ultimate Switch, etc. 



We also carry #1041 Switchamajig iPad Switch. This switch turns your iPad into a switch using a Wi-Fi network connection. It can configure the touch pad to act as one to six switches. It also comes with a free app to work the iPad.


EDB: Are there any other accessories you would like to mention?

V: There is one more product I would quickly like to discuss, #5930 30 Pin Extension Cable. This cable is a great tool, it allows you to connect your iPad into one of our switch adapted iHomes. 



I have had many customers who are teachers ask me how to connect their iPad to the iHome that's in their classroom. This is an inexpensive easy solution! Another great feature of this cable is that it gives you access to the headphone jack when your iPod is docked in the iHome. (This allows for private listening without disturbing others in a classroom or noisy environment.) The headphone jack is located at the bottom of the device and it is covered when it's plugged into the iHome station. This cable permits access to the jacks while connecting the device to the docking station.


Thank you Vinny for your time today! If anyone has any further questions for our Tech Expert Vinny please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-832-8697.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doctor Mad Science

Social media and a passion for science changed the life of 10 year old Jordan. Jordan was diagnosed as severely Autistic at 18 months old and started to speak using one or two words at the age of 5. Jordan's mother worried "...I wondered if he would ever be able to have a conversation, go to school or make a friend. As a mom, these are the kinds of thoughts that keep you at night..."

Everything changed about a year ago when Jordan's love for science EXPLODED (literally!!!) and he started posting household experiments on YouTube. Jordan's speech improved and his confidence soared. With that came a great following of people who wanted to be involved and more importantly become Jordan's friend.

Jordan became an inspiration and role model to many people. Their encouraging comments kept him going and he continues to post his experiments, "...I want to be a scientist when I grow up and do more crazy things like with bunson burners and stuff..."

What more will we see from Doctor Mad Science?!?!

For more information on Doctor Mad Science please go to his website and check out his YouTube channel!

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