Monday, January 28, 2013

iPads, Tablets, Accessories & More! Back by Popular Demand, Plus Much More!

Last August we interviewed Vinny our Tech Support Manager/Product Specialist. He enlightened us about all the wonderful tech products that are available. To see the post from last August please click here.

Today Vinny is going to share with us some more new products and he is going to answer questions about adapted electronics.

Enabling Devices Blogger: I know that you sell a touch screen stylus, but do you carry a stylus option that doesn't require hand movement?

Vinny: We recently developed item 9098 Adjustable Touch Screen Mouth Stylus. It adjusts from 8½" to 15". This stylus is controlled by your mouth and does require some head control. The plastic bite has rubber sleeves which allows the bite plate to fit firmly and comfortably in your mouth. We do include an extra set of thermoplastic rubber sleeves with the product.

EDB: Do you carry software or hardware for the iPad that will control a TV?

V: Similar to item 1041 Switchamajig, we have a brand new product 1042 IR Switchamajig. This interface works in conjunction with a free app and can control anything that uses an infrared remote control such as; TV, stereo, DVD and Blu-ray player or a camcorder. You can select the remote control buttons that you want displayed on the iPad, you can also adjust the size. This is a great item that can give independence to many individuals.

We also sell item 5161/5162 Mounted TV Remote Control. This remote is universal and compatible with most TV, cable and satellite systems. What I like about this product is that it can be mounted to any wheelchair, tabletop or bedrail.

EDB: What other adapted electronics do you carry that can either be mounted on a wheelchair or places on a wheelchair tray?

V: We actually just released a brand new item: an adapted DVD player. This item is flying off the shelf! We sell this two ways- 1578 Adapted DVD Player and 1579 Adapted DVD Player w/Mounting Arm. We adapted two functions so the user can select pause and play using their switch. It has a colored LCD widescreen display, integrated stereo speakers, headphone jacks, multiple languages, subtitles and parental controls. There are 2.3 hours of playtime and the device is rechargeable. This item can be used anywhere; school, home or even in the car. We had one customer tell us that this product was perfect for lunch time in her classroom.

Lastly I want to mention item 5900 Sony CD Control Center. This is a great tabletop CD player. We added six 2½" gumball switches on the device so a user who is visually impaired can use the product. The switches control volume, forward and backward, play and pause, and stop. There is a built-in speaker which has excellent sound quality and also a jack for headphones or ear buds which are included.

EDB: Thank you Vinny for your time today and for all this great information. 

If you have any further questions about anything we discussed please feel free to email Vinny at

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